Deer Feed

Our free range and commercial deer feed are great for growing bigger racks, improved health, and increased nutrient absorption.

Opti-Ferm XL Technology

Fortified Technology

All Heartland deer feeds feature a new, state of the art live specialty yeast that allows your deer to receive more nutrient absorption. Opti-Ferm XL™ utilizes Levucell® SC, the only live yeast approved by the FDA for improving fiber digestion.*

Optiferm XL results show:
  • Better feed utilization for bigger racks
  • Increased feed consumption and better feed intakes
  • Improved health for maximum genetic potential

*Claim allowed by the CVM of the FDA for live yeast used in ruminant feeding to aid in maintaining cellulolytic bacteria populations in the rumen of animals fed diets containing greater than 50% concentrate.

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